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July 24th, 2008 - Cover me, I'm goin' in

There has been a lot of activity at the bluebird nestboxes this year, but I haven't had the time to witness it every day. Last year we had two broods in the Peterson boxes and some tree swallows in the Gilbertson boxes, which was more than we could hope for in our first year up, I would say.
This year the Gilbertson's seem to be the bluebird box of choice, (maybe those last inhabitants got caught on the housing bubble and trashed the place before they left, I dunno).
We've had two broods again this year on the little prairie.
Doo dee doo dee do, I wish that idiot with the long lens would get the hell out of here so I could get on with feeding the kids. I didn't even get my make-up on straight today...
What, now...? Jimmy you wanted a Papaburger and Gertie said a Teenburger with no pickle. Okay. Sheez, when do I get to eat? I'll be picking up a poopsack by the time I get back.
Okay, kids! Here we go! No fighting! One at a time! Those are Mary's fries! Jimmy don't eat that after you dropped it in the nest! Who knows what you could pick up. Some parasitic wasp eggs or something, and you don't want that, for cry-eye. How many times have I told you that. And quit your squawking, or I'll really give you something to squawk about!
What? Jimmy, you said you wanted cheese on it! Just take it off. We'll get you more ketchup. It's alright, lemme get a dishrag. Where's your father? You'd better not leave it that like that when he gets home. No Gertie, open your beak BEFORE you try to put the food in. Oy. That's right, you have to eat everything or no Dairy Queen! No Mary, you can't keep a pet spider. Yeah, well wait till you have chicks of your own someday.

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