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June 24th, 2008 - Back to the Lagoon

Hap and I hadn't been down to the Lagoon for a week or more what with the goings out of town and such. When we finally got back over there, many changes we did see.
The mesic (wet/upland) prairie grasses are springing up like a co-worker for free pizza. It's hard to tell in this pic but this grass is chest-high, the camera is up to my eye, standing. That little dark slot down the middle is the dog trail, barely established as the grass is dominating the number of dogs and walkers.
Happy is a little intimidated to start in by himself, the grasses are all swaying in the wind and making all kinds of noises with visibility point-blank down there a foot off the ground. He usually mopes his way in pretending he's sniffing around for a place to pee, and when he starts looking at me out of the corner of his whale eye, I know it's time to step over him and break trail. Birds start flying up from all sides, in disbelief that someone is actually walking thru this stuff right next to them.
The summer wildflowers are on the bloom. Daisy Fleabane tries to outreach the grasses for the sun.
I planted these! Well, most of them. Don't ask me what they are. All I know is the purple ones are purple Salvia (the hummingbird's favorite), one of the red ones is something like "Santa's on Fire" or something and it looks like some big Lillies are due up next. The planting was on May 31st.

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