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June 30th, 2008 - Nokomis West

We took Hap for a walk around the West side of Lake Nokomis, west of Cedar Avenue that is, which is kind of the "short loop." Right away we came across a relative of Jackie the Painted Turtle digging a nesting hole by a parkbench facing the lake. She sure was doing a great job digging with her back feet and not seeing what she was doing, but location-wise she might as well have put an ad in the paper for every raccoon, snake, weasel, crow and mischievous kid to come hassle her eggs. It doesn't help that turtles just lay them and leave, never to see them again.
All the best, little turtles. Live long and prosper.
The tail of a Horsetail (Equisetum hyemale), also known as a "scouring rush." The slender shoots contain silicon crystals and were purportedly used to clean up after cooking in the wild. Just a plain cool plant that kids (and others) can't help messing with. Good thing there are a lot of them. Momma has got her ducks in a row. She is going into the shadows while all the ducklings are in the light and it looks like one of those "identity obscured for privacy reasons" images. heh.

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