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Impassioned email

I received an impassioned email yesterday, it was so sad:
"My name is David Ibrahim, a merchant in Oman. I have recently been diagnosed with Esophageal cancer..."
I was choking up as I read on, full of sympathy...
"which has defiled all medical treatment."
WHAT! You bastard! You've defiled all medical treatment! You've ruined it for the rest of us! We'll never get that personal health care now! Your name will go down in the annals of infamy with Judas, Hitler, and Mark Chapman! Darn you.
Then, being the peaceful, forgiving man that I am, I was getting out my wallet when I noticed the email at the end of the letter did not match the email in the from box!
The domain in the from box was "" (a trustworthy enough source) but the email I was supposed to send all of my money to was ""! Of all the lowdown dirty shysters! That's the LAST time I believe anything. Now on to those Nigerian faxes...

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