July 22, 2008 - Creeky Morning

Me and Hap got out early this morning, he is still suffering lingering semi-shell shock from 4th of July fireworks and the latent cracks and pops. He is still so over-sensitized that a truck shifting it's load gets his tail cranked up tight over his gonads and his head down with him grappling on all fours for the shortest way home. It's sad to see, and getting very unnerving when you want to take a relaxed walk along the waterway.
So morning seems to be the best time for him, because as we all know things get spooky when the night comes on. We got him a pheromone collar, and have tried to make light of any loud noises and calm him down as best we can, but he has a difficult time seeing past the anxiety. If only I spoke dog I could share all my therapy sessions and save him a ton of cash.
Came across this beautiful bouquet of Verbena hastata (swamp verbena) this morning growing out of the dew-soaked tallgrass. Took a shower getting over there but it's one of my favorite weeds. Had to look it up to be sure as there are probably at least a score of verbana species, not including the cultivars. It's the coney one.
Our Minnehaha Creek, low on water, high on trees. Still looks good glistening in the morning sun.