June 16, 2008 - Nice Ride!

Damn tricycle was in my blindspot.
I really like the clock on the faring (with second hand, no less), but I'm not sure who is supposed to see it. The parking meter attendant?
Welcome to Turtle Town! The finest Ungated Turtle Community scrap lumber can provide. With all the amenities, such as the Removable Pool, the Creeping Charlie Memorial Gardens, and Sugar Maple Helicopter Ridge hiking trail.
Please, no autographs while I'm in the pool.
Ahh Minnesota, Land of 10,000 (or so) Lakes, several hundred thousand Loons, and a Ginko!

June 15, 2008

Chomp. Chomp. Munch. Munch. Bwurp. Hey, I can see my house from here!
I have a sneaking suspection that this freakish looking bird may be a baby red-winged black bird. My reasons include getting buzzed by mom & dad RWBB and remembering that RWBB's have this extremely muscular beak that works backwards of the way you expect most bird beaks to work. Because they jam their beaks into marsh reeds and cattails they need lots of muscle to pop them apart, kind of opposite of the seed-cracking birds. This young' un has got some serious attachments on the top and bottom of the beak.
Three cheers for the Red, White, and Blue!
'Cause a duck must be somebody's mother!
Eastern Kingbird shopping for bugs in the prairie department.

June 14th - Wilkie Revisited

Talk about camoflage!
Green Darner, I think. Not related to the Spiderman foe. That I know of.
12 - Spot...? One of those Spots.
Morning Cloak butterfly.
Hey, hey! This is a family show!