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June 5th, 2008

Capt'n Jackie! Your eye is looking great! But you gotta lay off the chocolate babe, it's ravaging your complexion! Just kidding. This is "Tank" the 20 lb. snapping turtle at Springbrook. What goes on in the mind of a 20 lb./25 year old snapping turtle? Science doesn't know. But recent research suggests it is disturbingly similar to the brainwaves of people who like to ice-fish.
All seriousness aside, Jackie's eye/ear problem really IS looking great! There still is the tiniest bit of tissue swelling there, but she is off the DL and up and throwing pepper. Nothing like a little dried shrimp and vitamins to set you back on your peg. She thanks all of you for the sympathy cards and flowers. Huzzah!

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