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June 7th, 2008 - Early Edition

And on a lighter note, the Longfellow flowers are spectacular. Everything we planted last week is playing it's own solo right now, but I expect that soon the later blooms will fill in and there will be integration among the individual instruments of the orchestra. Um, so to speak.
No, it's not the runaway mine-car ride at Dizzyland, it's a try at a pull-zoom to make this four-wheeled bike supporting a family of nine look like it has some speed up. Eh.


Anonymous said...

I took my Mom and the girls over to see your flowers last week. I was going to ride over there today, but I don't trust this weather pattern we're stuck in.

dignature said...

Yeah, they're changing every day. Try my cell if you are in the neighborhood, I'm working form home more often these days.