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June 3rd, 2008

People were wondering what Jackie's habitat was like,the Hotel Tupperware is where it's at right now. I've been changing her water everyday and feeding her in a separate dish (finally found a use for that 4 x 5 developing tray, appropriately enough) so as not to cloud up her small volume of water.
It was hard to tell if she was eating at first, we've been giving her Turtle Treats, which are dried shrimp and fish flakes. We tried small pieces of canned tuna, but it didn't seem like she was ready for that. Today she DEFINITELY munched some bigger pieces of shrimp and I notice she's been spending a little more time underwater. For awhile she really wasn't diving at all.
You can see her left eye (actually I think it's her ear) is still messed up, but it looks like the inflammation has gone down a bit and she's getting her eye to open and blink better. If it doesn't get much better in a few days I think I might have to try a sulpha-bath for her.
She definitely is active and seems strong. Just like a little kid tho, she'll be all revved up swimming the endless pool (in the corner of the dish) and then immediately conk out for a while, floating backwards in her own prop wash. She is definitely conscious of movement around the box too, she'll follow you with her head and stare at you if you stop.
I'll see if I can get her some inverts from the creek today and some new plants. With all the rain we've had, I don't know if the water quality is really good for her or not. Maybe cleaner is better for awhile.

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