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June 6th, 2008

Hey! The Forget-me-nots are back! Irony is, I completely forgot about them since last season. I gotta put something in there for scale, those are some tiny little beggars.
So Hap & I were walking the trail "Down to the Mouth", which would be the mouth of Minnehaha Creek where it enters the Mississip. It was a really windy day, gusts up to 39 mph I heard, and there were a lot of downed branches and alluvial fans from the stormwater of the last few days. As we made the turn and were heading back from the Big River, I stopped to arrange my pack and grab a swig of water and a couple ibu's. Leaning against a park bench for support, my head shot bolt upright as I heard a tree crack off to my right. Not a small arms report, this was a serious cannon shot that went on for about 7 seconds. The air then filled with cottonwood fuzz and Happy dove under the bench with his tail tucked as far in as it would go. I told him I felt the same. After extricating him we walked further. It looked like what happened was that an ancient cottonwood had cracked in the middle and fallen onto the neighboring tree, making a huge widow-maker. Still doesn't prove that bit about a tree making noise if you're not around to hear it, but it sure is a jolt when you are. Thought we were going to have to sprint for it if I could figure out which way it was coming from. Seemed like it would be as much of a surprise to the tree as well.
The creek was in flood stage too, we were lucky to ford a couple dicey spots with well-placed sticks and a little tighrope walking.

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