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November 8th, 2008 - Sayonara Springbrook

[Japanese sayonara : thus if it be, indeed.]
Thus if it be, indeed. Time marches on. Well, my term was up on Halloween evening as the "Night Naturalist" at Springbrook. They don't have funding to keep an evening person on over the winter, so that was my last night with the animals.
I wish I could say the owl stopped by to see me off, but being stuffed, it wasn't a special trip for him. It was a bittersweet farewell tho, especially with the young toads and frogs, as we practically grew up together.

That was weird one day when one of the froggies got out of the terrarium and when I went to put him back in I found I had two frogs. I'm still not sure where the second one came from. Fission?
Not everyone was sad to see me go. 
"Tonight's the night we take over the world, Pinkie!"
"You say that every night Brain."
"Yeah, but tonight I really mean it!"

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