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November 18th, 2008 - Painting with a Camera

On the order of artsy-fartsy oil painting stuff, I came across this image of mine while digging thru some old (last month, heh) images.
This is one of those times when I'm glad I did what I always tell everyone else to do in photography, and that's to JUST TAKE THE PICTURE.
Even if you have no faith whatsoever that it's going to work out, be a good exposure, or want to trouble yourself to push the shutter button (oh, woe, photography can be SUCH a demanding chore sometimes, maybe Andy Warhol was right), I took the damn picture anyway.
And I got something I didn't expect. This sketchy, painting/image that I probably couldn't duplicate with a thousand monkeys pushing a thousand shutter buttons, and I LIKE it.
It was a windy, cloudy, late in the afternoon October 17th, I stopped while I was walking down the stairs by Longfellow Gardens and looked over my shoulder instead of in front of me for a change, and took a chance.
Take a chance today.

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