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October 20th, 2008 - Reek! I must have the Falcon!

The colors of Fall are really coming through along the river these days. Our mouth of Minnehaha Creek looks like some kind of lagoon port of an island nation.
Water has a "constant" that makes it some kind of mystical attractant. When you're near the ocean you must "go to the shore" and it is no less true here. You must. Fish, wade, throw rocks, ponder. We must take our place as tiny cells in this huge, morphing Mississippi organism.

The Peregrine Falcon knows all, sees all. What she doesn't see, she feels. I saw this bird last week when I was at Lock & Dam #1 photographing the FMR Fall Canoe event, and I figured as long as I still had the big ol rented lens I might as well go back and see if I could find her again.
Finally I saw her perched high on the rock wall and my first few dozen pics were off the tripod in a strong wind, with less than stellar results. Then after I gave up on that, Sharon and Hap & I hiked up to the new Wabun area and looking down the huge wall that is part of the lock structure I spied (with my little eye) her again sitting on an abutment a long way down. I had to do some creative chain-link fence climbing and stick my rented lens with no protective filter thru the barbed wire at the top to get any angle on her. 
If looks could kill, I would now be cauterized with a laser beam shot right between the frontal lobes.
Hey, I wonder if that would help my sinus problems...

Flight check. Prepare for loser-avoidance maneuver.

We goane.

Meanwhile on the other end of the spectrum, this little moth makes ready to do the same. Spooky little fuzzball.

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