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October 10th, 2008 - Well, snakes alive!

Hi, I'm a baby corn snake and I popped out of my egg and noticed I was in a cup full of vermiculite and it was real scary so I went back in and when I popped out again I was upside down.
I'm still upside down and kinda tired.
This is my sister or brother who is orange and maybe partly albino cause she has red eyes. 
The thing I can't figure out is how we cut open these eggs because we don't see any kind of eye tooth anywhere. Maybe it's that little scaley thing under her eye but that would be weird.
Hah! I'm out of that yokey egg bag and now I'm even more tired so I'll just curl up here in the corner and be warm and wait for my skin to come off so I can grow up. Bye.

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