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August 21st, 2008 - Oneth by Land, Many Moreth by Canal

That blind lady is going to walk right into the canal! Why don't all those people stop her!
Sorry, couldn't resist.
Last Sunday I sold Peace Garden cards at the Como Park Japanese Gardens Lantern Lighting ceremony in St. Paul.
Greatly assisted by my lovely wife Sharon, (she set the show up for me and tended it while I entertained 12 four-year-olds having their birthday party at Springbrook Nature Center... I thought it WAS a nice touch that the birthday girl's favorite gift was "Butterfly Barbie" and was flying her around the Nature Center) anyway she saved my butt as I flailed and navigated my way to our kiosk after driving thru the streets of St.Paul ("...designed by a drunken Irishman", as our former governor and pro wrestler has quoted them) and walked into the gaping maw that was Como park, replete with zoo, conservatory, golf course, ball fields, canal, merry-go-round and labyrinth.

There were quite a few people there, and it was beautiful once I got settled in and I stopped hyperventilating.
The Conservatory was looking spiffy as ever,
with these awesome GIANT lily-pad / tortilla-warmers floating all over the place.
Talk about solar-collectors.
The gig went pretty well, I sold a few individual cards and sets and managed to snap these pics as I was rushing to find the car so that the rest of the Peace Garden committee folks could pack up before dark. I wish I could have had more time to dedicate to decent tripod work of the floating candles, lighting and crowds. Everyone that had a Kimono wore it to the show and those that didn't flew whichever flag they were into that day. It was multi-color cosmo.

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