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January 28th, 2011 - Signage And The Lack Thereof

I swear Wisconsin has the highest per capita percentage of weird signs in the country, maybe even in North America. Well, that is when we actually HAVE signs, as many of our intersections here can be studied with a magnifying glass for any HINT of which road you are on or are crossing, and there is not a sign to be found. Not a local...? Tough noogies. You need a hospital...? Well, good luck, it's Friday and I'm going to fish fry.

Today I was driving home from Kenosha on some road I've never been on before, (not unusual owing to the lack of signs) and I see the stereotypical Wisconsin "Big Farm House In The Middle Of Nowhere"; in the yard, a tractor, a few junk cars up on blocks, snowmobile outside the front door, and a large sign in the front stating:

by appointment only

I wish I could have gotten a photo, but I was about to be rear-ended by the stereotypical Wisconsin bar traffic on a Friday night, so I drove on.

Using my keen sense of direction, and the setting sun, I turned onto another road of unknown origin and destination, and after a short drive I noticed a housing development with the sign:

"Welcome to Oak Clearing"

Hunh. I wasn't sure if this had to do with HAVING a lot of oaks surrounding the houses or NOT having ANY oaks. By the lack of wooded area, I assumed the latter.

Further down the same road I came across an interesting, yet bizarrely named school called:


Maybe the last survivor of the Dust Bowl Days teaching FFAers not to let that happen again? One can only shake one's head and guess.

Hey, it's Wisconsin. I don't have to write this stuff, it writes itself.


The one picture I do have to show you, really stabs at my heart. I have seen this same picture in Minnesota, and it really pisses me off. It's a tribute to the ludicrous assholes of the world.

January 23rd, 2011 - Milwaukee River. Merry Christmas, bastards. 

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