December 3rd, 2009 - An Old Trip To The New Library

Continuing with the catch-up from the Candlewasting move, today we take a little trip down to the library. "The 'new' Minneapolis Downtown Library, that is. The date is March 13, 2007.
I used to have a pact with myself that started when I first moved to Minneapolis and lived downtown, that no matter what the obligations on my birthday (March 12th) be they school, work, life, etc. that I would play hookie and spend at least part of the day riding buses, walking around downtown, and ultimately end up at the downtown library with a camera.

I'm not sure when I got out of this habit, but in 2007, since we finally built our new library  downtown, (the old one was sort of a cross between a public utilities office and a drive-up bank, it had a pneumatic tube system that sent notes everywhere in the building ala 'The Jetsons') that I would go back to my roots and check out the new library in a similar fashion.
These days I can take the train downtown and then ride the buses, or I ride my bike. It's really the way to get around the DT.

I have a map of all the bike racks and lockers, and the train takes us right into the "heart of the beast" as it were, plus you can take your bike on the train and go from there.
The new library, (it's not so new anymore, but it's still new enough to be called the 'new' library for some reason) is actually one of the few modern buildings with architecture that I don't hate.
The inside reminds me a little of the factory in that movie "Monsters Inc.," but it's got a lot of class.
I still can't find the door after I'm in there looking around for a while, however. Somewhat of a sensory overload.
Not all of the offices were completely moved into when I was there that day.
One had this great view of the busy downtown with only a forlorn empty chair to appreciate it.
I expect everything is pretty full now, the last time I visited, I went to a 'Small Business Owners' seminar and the place was jumping.

They have a lot of special public events there, book readings and meetings, educational programs and the like. We still haven't replaced the 'planetarium' that was an icon in the old library though.
It was cheezy, but memorable. Maybe one of these days when we're feeling flush... Hmmm.
Outside, the city rumbles and trundles on, flashing it's steel and glass with all of their glory, as well as eye-catching cardboard "Will work for FOOD" signs.

The owner of this bicycle won't have a problem picking it out of a busy, crowded library bike rack. It seems to have a barbecue grill attached to the front. Owing to the thick fur on the handgrips, it looks as though last night's fare may have been yak meat or the like. Not sure what job they had to perform for that.

Across the street is a nice inner city park with the very thought-provoking
"Positive Mental Attitude Walk".
What mugger would dare take you on there?

All in all, I really enjoyed the new library and my trip back down the streets of our town. There's something about the downtown that defines a city, and Minneapolis and Saint Paul are no exception.
They are two sister cities, but very different downtowns. Maybe next year I'll head over to SP and play hookie.
I can't take the train yet, but I could canoe over and catch a mooring next to the year-round houseboats, barges, and stern-wheelers.
Hmmm. I wonder if the ice will be out by March...