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December 1st, 2009 - It's Post # 399...!

For some unknown reason I always celebrate the 00th of things, so I thought this time around I would celebrate the 99th.
Yesterday I tried to make a PDF of the entire blog, from Day One (the creation of the universe) to the present, but my browser (or Blogger) wasn't having it.
I was, however, inspired to calculate how many words I've typed into this thing thus far. Using a little quick math (and you know how much I love math) I see that over the 169 days I was able to document the blog via PDF, that there were 25,868 words typed. Wow, that's not that many.

I had a couple friends that took the challenge of participating in National Novel Writing Month this year, aka "NANOWRIMO" where you try to write a 50,000 word novel in one month, (at least one succeeded, that I know of - you are awesome, Stephanie! And it wasn't even a month with 31 days!) so I wasn't even close to that.
However, if I divide my 25,868 words by my 169 day sample, I find I post an average of about 153 words a day (Hey, I thought this was a photo site... hmmm) and multiply it by the 781 days that the blog has been in existence, I get a total of 119,544 words over the entire lifetime of the blog. Still, not many.
BUT, BUT... if I consider that I average posting three pictures a day (eh, maybe) and that a picture is worth a thousand words, that is 2,343,000 extra words plus the 119,544 words of actual text, giving me a total of 2,462,544 virtual words. Now we're talking. I feel vindicated. But not syndicated.
 Anyway, along the path of looking for some old photos for our landlord, I came across a few pictures I had taken before the universe was created that caught my eye. Reminds me that I should probably go back and dig through the old stuff once in a while...

Longfellow Gardens, October 9th, 2006. Getting out there every morning at dawn to walk the dog, and catching the gardens after the sprinklers came on gave me a new perspective on life.

October 16th, 2006. Must have been a warm fall.
"Hey, who moved my shell...? This isn't funny, you guys. Guys?!"

March 2003. This photo always freaks me out. It's a kid poking the thin ice where Minnehaha Creek meets Lake Hiawatha (or vice-versa), but it throws the whole scale off. And there's nothing in the picture that truly dates it unless you look really hard and see the downtown skyscrapers off in the distance. The Charlie Chapinesque posture adds to the timelessness. Sort of a David Lynch moment.
Well, onward through the ever-expanding universe (we hope.)
I promise I won't celebrate Post #400, whenever that may be.

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