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October 27th, 2009 - Random Smatterings of Color

Fall is a little confused here in Minnesota this year, what with an inch of snow falling on October 8th and such.
Since then, it's been pretty chilly (say 10 - 20 degrees below "normal", whatever that is) and also pretty damp.
Many of our neighborhood maples are either yellow when they are normally red. Or some just stand embarrassed, having lost all their leaves while the neighboring trees have just begun to show some color. The luck of the draw.

Some of our birches are a nice smear between green and yellow. Things are changing fast now.

The box elder are trying to decide which way they should go as well.

The creek has a mix of tones, but the gray days have taken the blush out a bit.

Same day.

Our newest park, "Silverwood," might need to be renamed.

Had to dig the ice scraper out of the trunk this morning, and the frost flew off like soap flakes from my car windshield...
"There is a season, turn, turn, turn..."

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