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July 2nd, 2009 - Orange Julius

Legend has it that Julius Caesar gave his name to the month of July, as one of the many things Caesar did was to re-arrange the Roman calendar.
This re-arrangement presented a problem, as in the old calendar it had been the fifth month, and was called "Quintitis." Nowadays we probably wouldn't have given it a second thought, but wise old Caesar realized that it might be a little weird to have the seventh month named "Fifth" or something, so being the magnanimous guy he was, he decided to name it after himself. Julius became Juli, and later July, after we got a hold of it.
Nice month, Julius! The Butterfly Weed likes it too.

Quality control is a priority in this family, as is Dad getting a good workout while mowing the lawn.
"Now we only have one set of ear-protectors son, so you put these on and then cover daddy's ears."

Here's our Stag Beetle again, playing Twister.

And to complete the orange motif, you just can't loose with a Tiger Lily.

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