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March 7th - 2009 - She ain't heavy, she's my lov-er....

Hap Dog and I were checking up on the construction and creek flow at Minnehaha Falls the other evening. 
When I walk by the infamous statue of Hiawatha carrying Minnehaha, especially at night, I'm always looking to get "the" picture of it; something new, original, definitive, and just different. The other night the lights were on (it's sort of bottom-lit by a couple flood lights) and I was shooting the digital black & white, so I braced off of the fence and tried a couple shots with fill-flash and without.
The one above was actually without fill and when I got home it was okay, but still your basic 'ordinary' newspaper shot of what I usually see of pics of the statue.
I ended up taking the black & white shots and playing with them in Paint Shop Pro way too late into the night.

I kind of like this version, it has a bunch of effects stacked on top of each other, but mostly the "hammered metal" sticks out the most along with some coloration. It's better big and up close, (on my desktop right now) but I'd be interested in hearing anyone's comments about this sort of image manipulation thing, pro or con, and if anyone has any of their own pictures of the statue or similar that they particularly like and/or would want to share (we can put them on the Facebook site).

The plaque on the bottom of the statue reads:
Hiawatha and Minnehaha by Jacob Fjelde
Erected in 1911 by means of funds raised through the efforts of Mrs. L.P. Hunt of Mankato, and contributed principally by the school children of Minnesota.

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