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March 6th, 2009 - Next Gen

I was at the library today (Nokomis) and just as I was about to back my car out of the tiny parking lot, my eyes fixed upon the sticker on the car window next to me.
There should be a name for this kind of thing, and there probably is, as I have a standing joke that half of the words in the English language are needed to describe the English language.
So this is too much information.
Like someone that had a problem with the "First Generation Air Bags" is going to like the second generation better if we differentiate it with a decal...? Oh, I feel SO much better about strapping in now, don't you...? Sorry we had to use you as a crash-test dummy the first time around. No hard feelings!
This is similar to another car sign I posted on this blog a long time ago: The "New Ford Escape - Limited." It happens to be the same car manufacturer as the one that made this decal.... coincidence...?
Also distantly related is the scarily minimalistic aluminum bicycle frame known as the "Break Point."
Why pay for entertainment, when you can get it for free, just by reading signs...?!

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