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April 17th, 2010 - Leftover Goulash

Looking back over some photos from the days and weeks before we left Minneapolis, made me realize things happen so quickly, and photos don't wait. It's hard to comprehend as I look back at the snow, and remember loading up the moving truck on 19 F degree mornings, then the spring coming in and us driving through alternating rain, snow, sleet, and sun. Then having to find my shorts in all the packed stuff for an 83 F day a week later. All in such a short time. What is time?
Here are some leftovers that brought me right back to our old haunts.
I miss the place, but it's good to shake up your life now and again. I can't believe I've come full circle and that it used to be the exception for me and not the rule that I would be in one place for more than a few months.
Time like a river...

Here are couple sunsets over Lake Nokomis that I took as we were leaving our "going-away dinner' at our friends' Solveig and Craig's house. Nokomis is always good for spectacular sunsets, I swear. They have a house on a hill overlooking the lake. It's quite a spot.

Sure signs of spring in our old neighborhood.
When the male cardinals are all froofed up and belting out their courting songs at 5 AM, and when the yard ornament burro sticks it's head out of the snowbank, spring can't be far behind.
Then when you can see more than the hat of the gnome that is riding on the burro's back, all indications are quite positive.
If the Gnome sees his shadow, no big deal, he always looks so glazed over and stone-staring straight-ahead I don't think he would even notice.
They're both probably covered in moss and Trumpet Vines by now.
Carry-on you neighborhood icons, it's a tough job, but someone has got to do it.

On the days when I had to return the rental truck to the moving company's place down the road, I always ended up taking the Light Rail home. (Well, not always, once I took Happy and we hoofed it back, and found out it was a bit farther than it seemed in the research.)
At any rate, there was a lot of waiting for the train.
And here one comes now. "Lake Street Station... Please stay well back from the Yellow Line as the train is approaching the station."
Then there's the old Airport Dog Park, or Pog Dark as it as dyslexically known to us.
I've got to say I miss the place, so far we haven't come across a decent equivalent here in Wisconsin.
We'll keep trying though, I'm sure there are better ones that have actually trees and things, and some decent dog walking trails instead of an open marshy farm field.

Here's our boy Happy loving his day and coming full-bore across the tundra. Here's Happy shaking off the cold, (looks like he's flexing for a muscle dog competition) and also an unidentified jet-powered Doberman leaving all pursuers in a cloud of dust.

Rock on Minneapple. \m/.

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