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January 2nd, 2010 - We Have An Answer...!

And it's not "42." Well, not this time, anyway.

The results of the poll started back on November 20, 2009 which asked the burning question, "Do You Prefer To Write With A Black Or A Blue Pen...?" have been recorded into the annals of history.
The people have spoken.

Of our 35 votes, an overwhelming 1.92 to 1 majority of respondents chose black as the preferred pen color over blue. Margin of error = not quite sure. I left the poll open for 41 days and even gave people the option to change their vote, though you could not vote for more than one selection. So I consider that about as accurate as it gets. If you didn't vote, you didn't exercise your democratic authority, so you can go live in a hole or accept the will of the people. Black is the pen color of choice these days.
And if all that highly scientific research wasn't convincing enough, a quick web search finds "danielle" asking Yahoo Answers whether she should get a pair of black or blue Converse hi-tops. Her results: Black 6. Blue 1. Neither 1.
I rest my case.
I do wonder however, if we could roll back the clock to say 1965, if the results would be the same. Either way, here is a fascinating article about the invention of the ball-point pen and the battle between ball points and fountain pens. There were no indications about the evolution of the black or blue trends in the article however.

Amongst other unfinished business of 2009, we have this impressionistic photo I took of the prairie at Springbrook Nature Center in the fall:

And just one more picture of 'The Pump' that I found while looking for other things:

Obviously it was not taken in the last few days since it's been about 10 below zero here. Not a whole lot of melting going on right now.
Okay, we've got closure.
That's a wrap, let's break for lunch.

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