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June 2, 2009 - The things you see on your walk back home from the coffee shop...

People really should walk more, in my humble opinion. There are things you miss if you are driving in your nappy little car, riding a bike, or even running. The dog stops to take a crap and the world opens up, because you're waiting for him to get done and are looking anywhere but in his direction. You begin to notice things. White robins. Flowers with colors that go on forever. That forgettable stench wafting your way that you had better bag up before you gag. Let's move on.

Look deeply into my iris, what do you see...

Can't stop. Busy here. Manipulating. Pollinating. So many flowers, so little time. Buzz off.

The world needs more of this.
Wait a minute, "caution...?"

I can't help but take pictures like this. They're therapeutic to me or something. The textures, the symmetry, the fact that someone designed this pattern so that even the dimples have dots. That's deep.

The insatiable dirt-eating terracotta frog. I couldn't quite figure this one out. I was about to pick him up and inspect his butt to see if it had watering holes, but I was too self-conscious. Maybe he is full of coins. Maybe he fills up after a rain and attracts bugs that other frogs steal from his mouth. Maybe he is one of those sprinkler-frogs that were taken off the market because they were exploding from a design-flaw. I can only wonder.

Oh, look. Some lineman left a pair of Kearney 20Kv line hook interrupters on the power pole. How convenient, say if someone wanted to climb up there and pop the whole neighborhood's transformer. Well, maybe next trip, a dog tied to the pole might be a dead give-away.

Allium, glorious allium. More symmetry in nature. Order amongst the chaos. Yet chaos amongst the order. It looks like a globe, yet look too closely and it falls apart like a Monet painting. Perfection in an imperfect way, what could be more fitting.

37 year-old canoe registration sticker. Time flies when they make a planter out of you.
And so it goes. Take a walk today. Bring a camera.


Anonymous said...

For awhile now I've wanted to make bumper stickers that say "Start SEEING beauty!"

thanks for the reminder

dignature said...

Thanks, that makes my day. I've got a vinyl sticker print house I use if you are interested...