March 30, 2008

"Bankin' off of the Northeast wind, sailin' on a summer breeze..."

G-force testing at Springbrook Proving Grounds:

"Phone's for you."

Hey, thing's are lookin' up.

March 30, 2008

I took the little camera out after work today and ended up making a case study of some local trees and fungus. Here we have that sort of wavy "lasagna" type of fungus that hangs from tree branches. Amazing stuff when you get close to it. I have seen it glow under ultraviolet light. A lichenologist told me that there are some Arctic lichens that have been dated as being over 4000 years old. Moss or bacteria? Particle or wave? This next one are the bracket or "shelf" fungi found on many of our local trees. They have cool rings with subtle color changes. Mood rings?
And here we are back at my new favorite tree, the River Birch. It's just so weird to look up the trunk and see this multi- colored and textured collection of peeled, peeling, and attached bark in different shapes and layers. The tree that makes it's own paper-mache. It's a party waiting to happen!

March 29, 2008

And the birds just keep on comin'! After a visit to the somewhat stinky Bass Ponds (the water was being kept low) we saw our first Northern Shovelers of the year, with their very DustBuster-like bills. Sharon also saw what she thought was a river otter, but I missed it. Bigger than a mink or muskrat, and smaller than a beaver she said...
There was some evidence of beaver, such as this over-ambitious fellow:
The Scaup (a.k.a. "bluebills") were plentiful, but shy.
And of course the the ubiquitous coot troop...